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DreamWorks Trolls Music Player Storybook

Turn on the music with Poppy and her friends! Celebrate all things DreamWorks Trolls—adventure, happ...

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DreamWorks Trolls Party Time Activity Book

This Troll-tastic activity book comes with five colored pencils and five Trolls pencil toppers, plus h...

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DreamWorks Trolls: All Around Troll Village

Get ready for a tour of the happiest, huggiest, craziest place ever—Troll Village—in DreamWorks Tr...

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DreamWorks Trolls: Poppy Lends a Hand

Queen Poppy is off to visit her friends in Troll Village, and help out wherever she is needed. With pl...

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DreamWorks Trolls: Sing with Us!

It’s no wonder the Trolls live a life of perfect harmony—Troll Town has sweet acoustics and lots o...

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DreamWorks Trolls: The Legend of Hug Time

Have you ever wondered why happy Poppy and the rest of the Trolls hug every hour? Head back to where i...

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DreamWorks Trolls: Welcome to Troll Town

Follow the adventures of brave Princess Poppy and her grumpy friend Branch. Then reenact all the fun w...

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