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See the Sea!

Kids can learn about colors and various underwater sea creatures as they make friends with such whimsi...

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Snuggle Bunnies

Follow three little bunnies, Posy, Rosy, and Dozy as they go through their nightly routine. After supp...

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The 100th Day of School (eBook)

A 100-word speech, a song, counting to 100, and eating food that looks like the number 100!  Mutiple ...

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The Let's Pretend Attic (eBook)

On a rainy afternoon, a brother and sister take their mother's advice and play in the attic. There, th...

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The Story of Peter Rabbit

The story of a naughty little bunny who steals vegetables from a farmer despite his mother's advice ha...

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Tyler is Shy (eBook)

Tyler usually feels meek when other kids are around. But when a new girl comes to school who is also s...

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We Are All Different (eBook)

All the kids in class look different. There are many different skin colors. Some kids have freckles an...

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What I Like About Me! Teacher Edition

Helping children learn about diversity, while fostering self-esteem, is what this super-sized Teacher ...

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When I Am Big (eBook)

A young boy dreams about all the things he’ll do when he’s bigger—from running in races to ridin...

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