Level 1 All-Star Readers for Your Blippi Fan

November 22, 2023

Spend quality time with your young readers through the end of the year with Blippi! Our collection of Level 1 All-Star Readers is perfect for sharing story time and developing reading skills. Choose a book from the list below for the Blippi fan in your life!

Blippi: I Can Drive an Excavator, Level 1

Blippi’s dream of driving an excavator comes to life! He wears his safety gear, climbs into the excavator’s cab, and joins a busy work crew at a construction site. Share Blippi’s excitement and discover what surprises the crew has in store.

Blippi: This Is My Neighborhood: All-Star Reader Level 1

Discover the people and places that make up Blippi’s community. His special guided tour includes lots of exciting stops, including the fire station, doggie day care, and so much more!

Blippi: It’s Time to Play: All-Star Reader Pre-Level 1

In this energetic early reader, Blippi presents some of the many ways to play at the playground. From the swings and the slide to the seesaw and games like hide-and-seek, preschoolers developing their reading skills will be eager to turn the pages and see what comes next!

Blippi: All-Star Reader, Level 1: Let’s Read!

This 4-story collection includes some of our most loved adventures from Blippi! You can read If I Were a DinosaurI Can Drive an ExcavatorThis is My Neighborhood, and A Pet for Blippi. It’s perfect for 5 to 7-year-olds and lots of quality Blippi story time.