Wrap Up Summer Vacation with Peppa Pig

August 16, 2023

Summer brings out our sense of adventure. Lucky for you and your kiddos, Peppa has tons of stories waiting to wrap up the end of your summer. Explore the world of Peppa Pig and her family with these four books and toys!

Peppa Pig’s Wonderful Days!

This storybook and camera viewer includes two stories starring the energetic Peppa Pig!

In the first, Peppa and her family visit an apple tree during every season of the year and see how it changes. They observe it losing its leaves to growing sweet, delicious apples!

In the second story, during a playgroup career day, Peppa and her friends ponder what they might be when they grow up.

Read the gently humorous stories and view 12 additional moments through the camera viewer. You can even pretend to take pictures of some moments of your own! A sheet of stickers is also included.

Peppa Pig: Music Player

The worldwide children’s sensation, Peppa Pig stars in this colorful hardcover book. In it we find the curious pig looking for muddy puddles to jump in with her brother George, her parents, grandparents, and many other pals. Best of all, kids can get musical, because this book includes a player and three discs containing five tunes each! Each disc corresponds with one of three different stories included in these pages, and each story has prompts that let kids know when to play the appropriate accompanying tune.

Peppa Pig: Magnetic Playset

There’s so much fun packed into this magnetic play set! It includes a Peppa Pig storybook with activities, six magnetic play scenes, and more than 40 character-shaped magnets. And it all comes in a sturdy plastic case with a handle so you can take it wherever you go! Take this on a road trip, airplane, or anywhere else your child may want to be entertained.

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Travel Adventures Storybook & Movie Projector

Taking a trip this summer? Get your child excited by reading all about Peppa’s travel around the globe! In each of the three stories in this delightful storybook, Peppa’s family visits a different exciting country. First, they travel to New York City, where they take in some of the most popular sights, including Times Square and the Empire State Building. Then it’s off to Hollywood, California, where the entire family stars in a movie with none other than their favorite action hero, Super Potato! Then, in Australia, Peppa and her family stay with Peppa’s good friend, Kyle Kangaroo, who is a marine biologist. Everyone gets a special private tour of the amazingly beautiful Great Barrier Reef. Finally, in France, Peppa’s family is welcomed by Delphine Donkey’s family, and Monsieur Donkey takes them to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The storybook comes with a one-of-a-kind movie projector and five discs, each with four images. As preschoolers read the stories, they can also follow the prompts on the page to project images on their wall, extending the storytelling fun!

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