Summer Reading With Blippi!

June 16, 2023

Continue summer reading with Blippi! Color each bowtie from this downloadable coloring page as you and your child complete a book. This activity is the perfect way to track your little bookworm’s progress…and it serves as a fun coloring sheet!

Scroll down for a few book recommendations to add to your reading pile.

Blippi’s Suggested Reading List

Blippi: Pets

With his signature enthusiasm and wonder, Blippi introduces some amazing types of pets in this illustrated board book that includes a touch-and-feel element for each one! Dogs have soft fur, cats have rough tongues, turtles have hard and bumpy shells, birds have feathers, and fish have scales. Blippi: Pets makes discovering the world around you so much fun!

Blippi: First Words

Blippi: First Words is the perfect photographic board book for young children eager to learn the names of things they see every day! From foods to things that go, toys to clothing, colors, shapes, and animals—there’s a word for that! A bright and cheery photo accompanies each of the more than 60 words that Blippi introduces. 

Blippi: Let’s Look High and Low

From high up in space to deep down in the ocean, Blippi and his dog visit many places as they introduce opposites in Blippi: Let’s Look High and Low! Kids can join their adventures and delight in discovering opposites such as high/low, full/empty, hot/cold, and much more. Fold out the flaps for silly surprises that help make the learning even more easy and fun!

Blippi: I Can Drive an Excavator!

Blippi loves excavators, and one day, his dream of driving one comes true! He dons his safety gear, climbs into the excavator’s cab, and joins a busy work crew at a construction site. Young kids will share Blippi’s excitement as they read I Can Drive An Excavator! and discover the surprising thing the big work machines build. This Level 1 All-Star Reader is a super fun way for kids to practice and hone their developing reading skills.

Blippi: All-Star Reader, Level 1: Let’s Read!

In the four humorous level 1 readers included in this collection, Blippi imagines he’s a dinosaur, drives an excavator, has his very own bakery, and volunteers at an animal shelter. Kids will be able to practice and hone their developing reading skills as they eagerly turn the brightly illustrated pages to see what Blippi does next! Includes the following Blippi titles: If I Were a DinosaurI Can Drive an ExcavatorThis is My Neighborhood, and A Pet for Blippi. Perfect for young readers ages 5 to 7.

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