4 Books to Encourage Healthy Habits

September 2, 2021

Blippi: Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth

If they won’t listen to mom, maybe they’ll listen to Blippi. After all, his two-minute Toothbrushing Song does have over 100 million views on YouTube. Inspired by the video, this interactive board book takes preschoolers through the brushing process step-by-step and even includes a mirror in the back so they can check out those pearly whites. 

Blippi: Have a Happy, Healthy Day

Take a break and let Blippi explain the 411 on healthy habits as your little one gets ready to go to school for the very first time. From starting the day with a good breakfast to sneezing into elbows, Blippi covers it all in this book. He’s even got a special song to belt out while washing hands, and a Blippi-patterned reusable cloth mask for times like these.

Sesame Street: Let’s Go Potty, Elmo!

Next to sleep training, potty training can be a challenging time for little ones. Luckily, Elmo is here to help. In this book, children can assist their favorite furry monster by lifting the flap to put the seat up, pulling a tab for more toilet paper, and turning the wheel to wash hands. With Elmo's help, you’ll soon be saying goodbye to diapers and hello to independence.

Sesame Street: Celebrate You! Celebrate Me!

Finally, let’s not forget perhaps the most important healthy habit of all: to be kind. We love how this title celebrates the differences between people in our own community, and it's done in Sesame Street’s award-winning family-friendly style. All of the beloved characters are here, making this a must for your preschoolers book collection. 

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