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Sesame Street: Elmo's Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming and Elmo can hardly wait! Kids can join Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, and all thei...

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Sesame Street: Elmo's Word Book: An English/Spanish Flap Book

Learn new words in English and Spanish as you explore the world with Elmo and other Sesame Street frie...

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Sesame Street: Guess Who, Easter Elmo!

Guess who is hopping in for Easter cheer? It's Elmo looking for colorful Easter eggs. Along the way, h...

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Sesame Street: Guess Who, Elmo!

Young children love guessing games and they love the characters on Sesame Street. Rhymes on each sprea...

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Sesame Street: Happy Like Elmo/Grouchy Like Oscar

 What things make Elmo happy? What makes Oscar grouchy? Do these things make you feel the same way? F...

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Sesame Street: Holiday Friends

The holidays have come to Sesame Street, and what better way to celebrate than with friends? Whether t...

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Sesame Street: Night, Night, Elmo!

It’s time for Elmo to go to bed, but there’s lots to do before he’s tucked in—putting on pajam...

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Shimmer and Shine: Three, Two, One, Genie Jewel Fun!

This Shimmer and Shine story offers preschoolers a unique opportunity to use their developing powers o...

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Snuggle Bunnies

Follow three little bunnies, Posy, Rosy, and Dozy as they go through their nightly routine. After supp...

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Thomas & Friends: Friends On The Move!

In each of three fast-paced adventures, Thomas and his friends save the day because they are looking o...

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Thomas & Friends: The Holiday Express

Twenty-four die-cut flaps reveal fun surprises in this holiday-adventure board book starring Thomas an...

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VeggieTales: Easter Is Love

What does spring bring? Warm breezes, pretty flowers, baby animals, and Easter! Celebrate this joyful ...

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